Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sick of sickness

Grace is sick again. Ear infection and mild tonsilitis. I'm starting to get really tired of this. Last winter I endured with the thought that she is building up a strong immune system. However, I thought the illnesses would have tapered off by now. It seems she is rarely well for more than a week at a time and then she's coming down with something else. Not only do I hate seeing her sick, but it really messes with my work schedule. I am so far behind, I'm not sure what to do. Let's just say January is going to be a pretty messy month. And then there will be February. And I will buy myself a nice gift. I'm thinking a new lens. But really, why is she sick so much? She does not seem to be unhealthy. She eats and sleeps well. I posted about my frustration in my Facebook status update and a friend had an interesting story to tell. She said that her son was also constantly sick from being at daycare. Then she switched daycares and her son was well for four months straight. So that got me thinking. Anyway, I think I might take her out of daycare in February, a little earlier than planned.Speaking of lenses, I've fallen back in love with my 35mm prime lens. After shooting with my Tamron 17-50 for a few weeks straight and then switching back, the quality is very much noticeable. So much so, that I'm considering selling the Tamron to add another prime to my collection. I'm thinking a 50 1.4 or 85 1.8... or who knows? I think I'm a prime person, that's all I know.


CedarBough said...

I think i'm a prime person... i should be able to make a joke about this but can't think of a suitable one. at any rate, i also shoot sometimes for weeks at a time with nothing but a single prime lens. Lately I use my 105 and my 50 mm prime and that's about it. Tonight i had both with me for a show, great results since they work so well in low light.

Kasia said...

Hello Sarah, so sorry to hear that Grace is not well again. Maybe it really is the daycare? I'm lucky to be a stay at home mum (I work weekends and look after Gaia during the week) and my girl is rarely sick but a friend of mine has a baby girl in a daycare three days a week and that girl is constantly sick. With all those germs around it's hard to keep your child very healthy. I just hope that Grace gets better soon and you are able to catch up with your work too. I'm sending you many warm thoughts.

You should definitely spoil yourself with a new lens. If you're really into photography (and I feel like you are) you should treat yourself. I bought my new lens today. I'd given lots of thoughts to it, not being really sure (money issue) but I'm really fed up with the lenses I have. The original Nikon lens got broken last year and although I had it fixed, it doesn't work as it used to. I own Tamron lens as well but I'm not very satisfied with it. So I bought 50mm Nikkor lens and I feel very excited about it. I hope it arrives soon.

Many hugs,