Thursday, December 16, 2010


I just looked into our little spare bathroom (which we don't use) at a small pile of Christmas presents in there for Grace. I'm so excited for Christmas morning when she can open them up. Really looking forward to that. I have no idea what else we're doing on Christmas Day. It's not a big holiday in Korea. It's more like Valentine's Day -- a day for couples to go out for dinner and a movie and exchange a gift. The popular restaurants and shopping areas are usually jam packed. Two years ago, SJ and I and another couple went to VIPs steakhouse on Christmas Day. Myself and Seyoung were nearly 40 weeks pregnant and we had to wait a while for a table. I'm not sure if we'll venture out this Christmas Day, but it would be nice to get outdoors to do something.

Must wrap those gifts before she finds them.

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Kasia said...

I am so excited as well! Cant wait to see Gaia's face when she finds all the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. We're not planning anything spectacular either. There will be only the three of us this Christmas and we will stay at home, enjoying our time together. If weather is nice, we will go for a walk to the park nearby. It is so cold now and snow is snowing again...