Thursday, December 23, 2010

No words

It's been another weird holiday season for me. Christmas in Korea is always a bit strange. I try not to get too excited about Christmas here because then I'm let down.

The winter has been hectic so far with lots of book writing and Grace has been sick a few times. I'm just barely staying on top of things. Well, to be honest, I'm pretty stressed out. And when I get stressed out, I don't sleep well, and I tend to put off doing the important things and waste my time doing stupid things. So I've been in a kind of "poor me" slump for a few weeks. I'm tired.

I found out yesterday that a friend of mine's fiance passed away. I don't know her well anymore. She lives down in Suwon. We didn't keep in touch, but remained facebook friends. The last time I saw her was at a bbq when I was expecting Grace. Apparently, her fiance died suddenly, and I'm not sure of the circumstances yet. One of the last posts on her facebook wall before J's death was about being so excited for their wedding in the Dominican Republic in January. They'd been together years and had traveled the world together. They were inseparable, really, and very nice people. Anyway, I just can't stop thinking about how she must be feeling right now, with J passing away so suddenly a week before Christmas and a month before their wedding. It makes all my stress and problems seem so silly. I really feel terrible for her. Her mom is on her way to Korea. I just can't get this out of my head.

Sejin's grandfather is also in the hospital. I'm not sure what happened, but he injured himself somehow. Sejin might have to go to the countryside to see him this weekend.

My uncle is also spending Christmas in the hospital fighting cancer, after having had many exhausting treatments, including stem cell transplant.

I've been thinking of these people lately and try to remember to tell myself to shut up whenever I think I have it so bad.

Please pray for them.


Anonymous said...

Wow I just met her a month ago and she has such a sunny personality and a real sweet person, i'm so sad to hear this has happened.

Sarah said...

Yeah...actually, I forgot, she moved up to Seoul quite a while ago. She lived in Suwon when I met her. Just shocking and tragic. There is something so distrubing about a young healthy person dying so suddenly.