Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ah, one of those days

Nothing really bad happened, but you know those days when little things happen and add up to make you really ticked off? I must have been giving off a "look at me" vibe today because every group of middle school students that passed me felt a need to say "hello" and giggle to their friends. Seriously, what is the big deal? Finally, as I was on my way home from working at the cafe tonight, a high school boy said hello and laughed quietly as I walked by and I stopped, turned to him, and said in Korean, "Do you know me?" He replied, "No." Me: "Shut up." It's not like me to do that. I'm a very mild person, but sometimes you've just had enough. Just to be clear, I'm happy to chat with Koreans who approach me respectfully to have a conversation, which happens often. But the mocking I don't like.

Speaking of cafes...I felt a really strong need for a scone today, but Starbucks was packed -- no empty seats at all. There's not too many options around here. No Coffee Bean. I've been served many terrible coffees at Dunkin Donuts. Mister Donut, not comfy enough. So I decided to go to Kyamos, a nice little roastery in a back street in downtown Uijeongbu. They had no food available on their menu. Everything sold out. I was disappointed. So I ordered a cup of today's brew (smaller than average cup of coffee for 4500 won) with milk, to look at the receipt and see they were charging me 5000 won -- an extra 500 won for the milk! So disappointing.

Of course, I had to wait 10 minutes outdoors freezing for my train home. Picked up Grace at daycare and was told she bit one of the babies. Nice.

Not a terrible day, but not a good one. I did order the food for the get-together I'm having this weekend, and I mailed my Christmas cards. I wrote a unit for the book I'm working on.

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