Thursday, May 20, 2010


I've had so much on my mind lately, I've been sleeping horribly and just been in a constant state of "blah." I think I get overwhelmed easily, and when I do, I tend to shut off and just do nothing at all. But I really need to snap out of this trance because we've got so much to do. It just hit me this week that if we really want to make the move to Canada, there is a list about 10 miles long of stuff that needs to get done. And that's not counting stuff like the laundry. Sejin took a big step the other day and called a shipping company to get an estimate on door-to-door shipping.

It's going to be stressful, but I hope in a of couple years down the road when we're settled somewhere in Canada we'll find ourselves happy we made the move.


lpwright said...

It is such a hard decision to make, moving back to one person's home country. But I think that goes with the territory of being married to someone from a different country - one of you will always be "away" from home. (((hugs)))

Let me ask my husband the name of the shipping company we used, it was pretty cheap, something like 1.1 million door to door.

Sarah said...

L - That would be fantastic! I'd really appreciate that information.

lpwright said...

I'll ask tonight and see if he remembers. I know it was actually one of the companies that hands out brochures at the US embassy!