Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I just got on Ebay recently because I needed to order some Addi knitting needles (sizes that aren't included in my Denise Interchangeable set, which is on the way!). My Addis arrived tonight all the way from Hong Kong, free shipping. I'm in love with ebay already. I can see already that it's an addictive site. I know it's been around a while, but I purposefully did not join because I knew I'd find things I wanted.

Aside from my Addi needles, I bidded on and won a vintage filet table runner for 99 cents. I'm not expecting much. I just thought it would be fun to try my hand at restoring something -- something that did not cost me much. Perhaps I will post some before and after shots.

I'm learning a lot about the "bidding" and "watching" items. I have my eye on some more vintage linens, some toys for Grace, and a Boyd's Bears knitting figurine. Online shopping is a very dangerous thing.


Lolimahro said...

Haha, welcome to my world! I have ordered pacifiers, card games and bras on ebay. The shipping costs vary, but there are a few good stores out there. Clothing lots can be pretty cheap if you can get a good deal on int'l shipping.

San said...

Do we hav to log on to hongkong site in order to get stuff from ter??

Melly Coco said...

EBAY is the most addictive thing to a shopaholic who gets thrills on discounts...My sister and I get packages from Asia 2-3 times a week...ITS BAD!! LOL but it's much better than buying stuff in it's too expensive to buy the stuff we buy

Sarah said...

L - Yes, occasionally there are really good deals. My needles were great, and a few toys for Grace...very cheap!

S - Nope, I used the American

M - Definitely addictive. I'm scared!