Saturday, May 29, 2010


Poor Grace has been terribly itchy for the last week. She's been scratching her lower back area, the base of her neck, and behind the knees mostly. Some hives. She hasn't been eating anything that she hasn't eaten before, and she has no other symptoms. It was really bothering her last night. She couldn't sleep and was rolling around and whining. She slept terribly from 10pm-2am, and then thankfully let me sleep for the rest of the night.

So, to the doctor this morning. He said that her itchiness and hives could be caused by any number of things, from something in her environment, to something she's eating. It's kind of hard to narrow it down at this point. But he said despite not knowing the real cause, the treatment is the same. So we have some antihistamine and some special lotion for her. I hope it will clear up. It's terrible to see her itching and not be able to do much.

Although the doctor didn't mention this, I was also thinking about sun exposure, since she's been playing outside more these days. When I'm in direct sun, I break out in a horribly itchy, red rash. I'm not sure why this is, but it's really annoying. I think I'm also suffering from some allergies, as my nose is constantly running, but I don't necessarily feel like I have a cold.

Little Grace is quite the character these days. For the first time today she let the doctor hold her and she gave him a kiss. She also bows when you say 'annyonghaseyo.' I'm going to try to get that on video soon.


Kathleen said...

Poor Grace! My husband has skin allergies. I can't remember the type he has, but the only medication that is over the counter is Selsun Blue. It has some sort of medication for skin allergies. I put it on his stomach/arms/back for about 15 minutes and then he just rinses it off during his shower. I'm not sure about using that on baby skin. I would ask your doctor about it. It helps him a lot, especially in the Spring and Fall when things are blooming and dying. He just itches like crazy.

I hope Grace gets some relief soon!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Kathleen! She has already improved with some kind of lotion we got a perscription for, thank goodness!