Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stitching away

I am managing to get a fair bit done with my very little free time. If Grace is up and engrossed in her toys or books, I pull out my crocheting. Crocheting is great because if it gets ripped back a bit, it's not big deal. You just stick the hook back in and keep going. If stitches get pulled off your knitting needles, it's a little (often a lot) more frustrating. You can easily drop stitches, which can be difficult to retrieve.

Anyway, I'm on row 21 of 25 on Crocus Doily. At this point, each row takes quite a bit of time to finish. I hope to be done this next week. Won't be doing this one again, though.
The lace edging is also slow going (perhaps life for women was slow going back in 1891?). I thought since it's a narrow edging, it would be faster to knit. That's really not the case. Every row in this pattern is very different, and nearly impossible to memorize. I've never done any knitting like this before. It's pretty unique, I think...I got done a bit of work while Grace was in daycare, but not as much as I wanted to. Isn't that always the case?


Shay said...

I don't have the distractions you do -- all my kids have four paws -- but lace knitting requires a certain amount of concentration that I don't always achieve. Too much going on!

Helena said...

That edging is very cool!

Sarah said...

It does require a lot of concentration. I can only do it after the child is in bed, no TV or computer on. But it is strangely addictive, seeing the lovely patterns emerge.

Sarah said...

And thanks, Helena. The edging is pretty, but slower to knit up than I thought it would be >_<