Monday, April 26, 2010

The Happiest Doilies

Keeping with the doily theme...

I ran across this blog last night when I should have been working. Even if you're not into doilies, these are pretty impressive, and I love that she uses bright bold colours in them. Not like me in plain old white or ivory. I would love to branch out and get some colorful fine crochet thread for doilies, but finding that kind of thing isn't easy in Korea. Koreans aren't that into decorative crochet. They prefer to make practical things like hats, bags, and other wearables. Very Korean. Also, since I shop at the wholesalers, they rarely sell single balls. So, I'd have to buy multiple bags of thread in order to get a few colours. I don't think Sejin would like that idea.

Interesting day at work today. My bosses are not bad people, but they are typical hakwon owners. They asked that I come in on time: 1:00. I replied that I do come in on time, and usually I'm early. When I started this job three months ago, I was told to arrive by 1:30. They insist they told me 1:00, but that's not the kind of thing I would forget. So I was kind of put on the spot. It was really silly, especially since I go along with their rules about vacuuming and mopping my classroom, tutoring absent students before classes, and sitting through pointless meetings conducted in Korean. It never ends. Oh, yes, and I should come in for their special market/games day, which is not a day that I usually work. I asked, will I be getting paid? The answer was no, although they would want me to come in for a full day. I told them that I would not come in for a full day. I ended up agreeing to come in for a couple of hours.

I think I'll quit this job in the summer. I probably shouldn't, but I have no patience for these kinds of games anymore. Perhaps I'll finally use my tutoring license that I've been meaning to use for so long. There are certainly enough kids in this apartment complex. Then at least I wouldn't have deal with such ridiculousness.

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