Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Write-off week

Grace has tonsillitis. She's had a fever for exactly three days now. Surprisingly, she's not in such a bad mood. A little clingy and sleepy, but when she's up she's not that grumpy. I've been letting her lay on my pillow on the floor and watch her favourite show, "Boong boong ee." I just can't refuse when she looks at me and says in a hoarse little voice "poong poong." I've been taking her out for walks in the stroller because she enjoys looking around even though she does not have much energy to play. I really hope she starts coming around tomorrow. Not only do I want her back on her feet, but I have the publisher breathing down my neck right now, needing more material. There's not much I can do, though. I have this time after Grace goes to bed, but she's waking up so often coughing and feverish, every time I start writing I get interrupted and it just seems pointless. Plus, I'm so tired, because she's up countless times during the night. My brain is foggy. I'm just going to have to work extra hard once she's better to get back on track.

I finished a knitting project last night. I worked on it mostly on the bus and train, and just finished up the decreases and stem and leaf last night. I think it's really cute. I was worried Grace wouldn't like it because she refused to put it on at first, but she actually let me put it on her when we went out today. It's really not cold enough for it, but I just wanted a few pictures. Now that I got that little project out of my system, I really should finish up some works in progress.Remember Flora Dress? It took me a couple months to knit it, so I thought I'd better not leave it sitting in the dresser. I layered it over a long sleeve T-shirt with some tights and it still looks cute. After those works in progress are done, I'd really like to knit Grace a little sweater vest or something quick. And another hat I have in mind.Some people have asked about our plans to move to Canada. It's still on, but I've had to focus on priorities for the time being. Grace is sick, book to write, teaching 'til the end of the month. Application work is slow going for now, but will hopefully pick up again next week when Grace is well again. I have a feeling this is going to be a week-long kind of sickness.


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Man, I didn't know she had tonsilitis - that's rough! Our whole family had that for several months in the spring (I was sick from April to June). I hope she gets better really soon.

The hat and dress are absolutely too cute, by the way!