Monday, October 18, 2010


That's a sigh of relief that Grace is recovering from a very intense illness. I still cannot believe she had a high fever for over 5 days. I didn't even think that was possible. Her fever came down on Saturday and she developed a bad runny nose and her lungs were clogged, but she is looking a lot better today. The doctor was pleased with her recovery when we saw him this morning. Grace even went to bed happily tonight. She can breathe! We can both breathe!

Dealing with a sick child of Grace's age is very difficult. She cannot express herself effectively and does not understand why she is so uncomfortable. She does not understand why I torture her with by going to the doctor and taking medicine. She does not understand when I say, don't sleep like that because it's harder to breathe that way (she sleeps with her bum up in the air with her head on her pillow).

So, life is almost back to normal. Now I just have to write a book in a week!

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Kasia said...

So happy to hear you Little One is better!