Saturday, October 9, 2010

Balancing the Hobbies

I seem to have added photography to my list of hobbies. I'm having a lot of fun with it. But I have not knitted or crocheted since I started reading about photography in August. Even Sejin commented to me the other night, "I haven't seen you knitting lately." So last night I decided I'd better get back on track with my stitching. I'm about 99% done my cardigan and bag, and there are countless things I want to knit. This is the time to do it, too, since the cold weather will be here soon. So last night I cast on a Halloween knit for Grace.

I went to a lighting seminar in Seoul today put on by the Seoul Photo Club. It was really informative, although I was disappointed to have to leave early. The meeting was 2pm, but some people came late, and then the initial introduction to off-camera flash took a long time to get through. By the time we started the practical part, it was just about time for me to go. The sun was setting and I had an hour trip back to Uijeongbu. But it was worth going to, and it was nice to meet other hobbyists of varying experience.

What I'm finding is the only downside to photography as a hobby is that it can get fairly expensive. I think my best bet is to keep working with what I have until I find I actually have the opportunity or need to work with a lighting set up. I get the feeling that some people get all kinds of equipment but don't necessarily need it. Seriously, how often do you have the time to set up a flash on a stand with umbrella? If you're doing someone's portrait, sure, but day-to-day, no.

One thing I am feeling the need for is a zoom lens. The 35mm prime is fantastic, but there have been times when I've had to back up pretty far to get in a scene, or I really wanted to zoom in to catch something. Yesterday, I went to Children's Grand Park with Grace's daycare (I'm still recovering). I was taking a photo of her whole group and I had to back up pretty far to get them all in. Then, we went to the seal show in an auditorium. I couldn't zoom in to get any action. Not a tragedy, but it felt so weird after having a point and shoot for so long to not be able to zoom.


Gerry said...

I'm inspired after reading that you went for a seminar on photography. I have always had an interest in photography ever since I was 14 and my uncle took out this shiny silver box full of the most interesting lenses. He gave me a short lesson in photography and that was the end of that.

Ever since I got into my sewing last year, I wanted to take better pictures of my projects and with my baking, I wanted pictures with depth and some pretty good zoom. I offered to buy one of his 8 cameras that he didn't use much for a 'family' price. : )

That's how I got my D30. I don't know how to use it well and get frustrated when the pics don't turn out well. I have been thinking of taking photography lessons but that's on the backburner till after I finish my cake decorating classes.

My aim would be to get a macro lens and learn how to use it. Keep learning.

CedarBough said...

I am impressed you went to that seminar. good for you, I'm sure it'll speed your learning not to have to trial and error out everything. but i super super duper like the orange pumpkin hat, too, so don't stop knitting/crocheting!