Friday, July 31, 2009

Book done, some wallpaper up

Just finished writing a coursebook. It will be book 1 of a 3-part series. Another writer who has far more time wrote the other 2 books. *sigh* I'm hoping to get more of this work when I return from Canada. If I can, I may have to get someone to watch Grace so that I can work more during the day and less at night. Grace goes to sleep around 8:00 these days and then it's work time. Of course, I surf and chat here and there, but the work usually keeps me up too late and I can't get a good sleep even if I want to.

We're moving in a day. It doesn't feel like it. Last time we moved we went through all our stuff, got rid of junk, had everything organized and ready to go. This time we will probably end up moving junk and getting rid of it when we unpack. Grace + work + misc stuff left us no time to get ready properly.

The only thing we did manage was to put up a bit of wallpaper in our new living room. It went surprisingly well. It's not easy work, but the pre-cut pre-glued strips of wallpaper are great. It eliminates a lot of steps. It's not a perfect job, but it looks a heck of a lot better than it did. The only problem now is the plug in the middle of the wall near the ceiling. It's there for a wall-mounted air-conditioner, but ours is a standing unit. I can either stick some wallpaper over it, or get some kind of a wreath or decorative thing to hang over it. I didn't take proper before pictures because I didn't think I would post before and afters. This is the best I can do. Now that we know how to hang the paper, we'll probably order more for the bedroom because right now it's the ugliest colour you can imagine. Some kind of grayish purple.

Our Internet will be disconnected tomorrow night and reconnected on Monday. Hope the move goes well!


julia said...

Wow, the white trim looks awesome. The place is coming along nicely.

Anonymous said...

Disconnected for the entire weekend! did we live before the interent?? Anyway I know you have plenty to keep you busy. Good luck moving!


Anonymous said...

Good job with the wall paper. It looks great!
I had some writing/editing work from a publishing company too. Unfortunately I didn't get as much as I wanted ... it's sort of fizzled out into nothing. I hope you get lots of it in future because it's so perfect for a mum at home with a baby. I'm sure the book you wrote was much better than the other two! ^^
Good luck with the move.

Mama Seoul said...

Looks great! Good luck with the move. We moved a lot of junk as well. You just do the best you can do!

sharon said...

Good luck! Hope you enjoy the new place :O)