Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An "Ah, Korea!" moment

Today was the day Sejin went to Uijeongbu to sign the apartment contract. He left early because he has to work tonight. As he was getting on the train to leave, he called the real estate agent.

SJ: I'm leaving for Uijeongbu to sign the contract now, okay?

Agent: Okay, see you soon.

When he arrives, the agent greets him and informs him that the owner and the current tennants have changed their mind -- they no longer want to move.

SJ: Why didn't you tell me this before I came all the way to Uijeongbu?

Agent: I didn't want to ruin your day.

So I guess she figured he would enjoy the long boring train ride to Uijeongbu during his free time before work. Aigo...

But never fear, she says, there is another unit available in the same building, same layout. So that's why she still wanted him to come. Only thing is, the owner is not willing to repaper and floor the place. Hmmm, this will take some thought.

Grace and I just got back from Homeplus. I was bored and figured she needed a teething ring as she has her hands in her mouth all the time now and is making these really weird movements with her mouth. I also picked up some kind of mesh feeding device so she can feed herself, as well as yet another sippy cup. The Nuby I bought isn't working out. It's so hard to suck any liquid out of it -- even I can't! I bought a Nuk brand one today, so we'll see.
Look at the gums on this kid:
By the way, happy Canada Day! (taken a couple of months ago)


MommyCha said...

I'm sorry to hear that your agent did that to you guys. That is so Korean style though!:P
AS for Miss Grace, if you want me to grab a cup and send it to you they are 12,800 won at the Emart here now. Best one I found!

Sarah said...

Thanks! I'm going to try out this Nuk one and if it doesn't work out I'll def contact you. The one you like is Playtex, right?

MommyCha said...

Yeppers! I picked up 2 last week and delivered them to Steph in Ilsan. I should ask her how they are working, hope Will liked them!

Lolimahro said...

I love Grace's hat! I wish I could still wear hats like that!

Happy Canada Day! (It's still July 1 over here in North America - at least where I am, anyway!)