Thursday, July 2, 2009

Contract signed

Well, it's official. We're moving to Uijeongbu. I know some people think I'm nuts, but for some reason I have a good feeling. A big selling point with this apartment is its location. It's a stone's throw from Mangwolsa Station and literally right next to a small river with a great walking/bicycle path. Supposedly there is a sports centre nearby with a swimming pool. It will be nice to have a quiet place to walk Grace in the nice weather without having to take any subways, buses, or taxis. We'll probably get bikes next year, and I'd like to hike the nearby mountains in the fall.

Sure, it's not Seoul, but it's not that far from Seoul. Today was my second time there and again I didn't find the ride too bad. Most of the trip is above ground, so you can see outdoors. We didn't time it, but I'd say it takes roughly 45 minutes from Dongdaemun Station to Mangwolsa Station. There are express trains during rush hour, too. So if I need to come in to Seoul for an afternoon to, say, go yarn shopping and grab some lunch, or meet some moms for coffee, it won't be too bad.

As for business, we'll see. There were plenty of kids running around the complex today toting their little hakwon backpacks. There isn't as much money in Uijeongbu as there is in Seoul, but I plan on charging what's written on our tutoring licenses from the Ministry of Education anyway. Time will tell. Mommy Cha has given me some excellent pointers on doing a home school, which I'm really grateful for. Although our trip to Canada in August is kind of bad timing (we'll miss the beginning of the semester), we'll have five weeks to spend relaxing with my family, planning our little study room, and picking up materials.

Moving day is August 1st. Before that day, the place will have to be cleaned and the woodwork and doors really need repainting (they're a crazy bright blue right now).

Wow... I can't believe it's pouring again. There was a great thunderstorm last night, and here comes another! Hello monsoon season!


MommyCha said...

Glad you got things sorted! Having a positive attitude will make it a successful move for you, so I'm glad to hear you have a good feeling about it!
Be sure to stock up on teaching supplies in Canada and don't worry about missing the start of the semester. When it comes to private tutoring the kids can come anytime and start new classes anytime as well!
Good luck!

Mama Seoul said...

Congratulations! Ho[e your move goes better than mine. (Won't be hard to be better!)

Anonymous said...

I spent seven months commuting to Seoul (Jonggak Station) for Korean classes in the morning. Starting at Uijeongbu Station the trip took anywhere from 50 minutes to 80 minutes. Depending on when you take the metro you may experience waits at Wolgye, Seongbuk, Hoegi, and Cheongneongnyi Stations while other trains to pass by. (The Seoul Metro System shares the north Gyeonggi-do lines with passenger trains.)

Still, I think having Dobongsan and Jungrangcheon nearby make up for the intermittent waits. :)

Sarah said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to living near Dobongsan and Jungrangcheon. I live near a cheon now, but it's terribly noisy and dirty around here.