Friday, June 26, 2009

Uijeongbu it is

We've settled on a place. It's only the second place I've looked at, but Sejin has looked at a bunch and I trust his judgement. He says the places I didn't see were pretty crappy. I'm glad I didn't waste my time going to see them all. Here's how this place rates on my criteria:

1. Accessibility. It's about a 5 minute walk from Mangwolsa station on line one. A little far from Seoul, but I can ride line one into Dongdaemun in about 45 minutes I guess. I'm sure there are buses as well.
2. Spaciousness. It's a bit bigger than what we've got -- 32 pyeong. I'm going to miss our current bathroom though. It's so bright and modern. The one at the new place is all right. It has a small bathtub. I'll get by.
3. Environment. The air is cleaner up there -- I noticed that while riding in on the train. The surrounding mountains (Suraksan and Dobongsan, I think) are very pretty. Our building is located a 2 minute walk from a small river with a bicycle/walking path, so I'll have somewhere to walk Grace, and perhaps get some exercise myself. I may buy some rollerblades next spring, who knows. I hear there's also a swimming pool nearby.
4. Job prospects. It's a big complex with 900 units, and another huge complex right next to it, so we'll see.

Another good thing is that the owner is going to put up new wallpaper and install new flooring at his own cost. We would have had to do that ourselves at the Bucheon place.

It's kind of exciting! That was only the second time I've been to Uijeongbu in seven years! I'm kind of looking forward to getting to know a new area. I'm sure there are lots of Western restaurants and conveniences downtown near Uijeongbu Station because of the American base there.

Hopefully the deal goes through officially. Sejin goes to sign the contract and put 10% of the cheonse down on Tuesday. As I've learned in Korea, a lot can happen in that short period of time, so fingers crossed...I don't want to keep looking.

Moving day will probably be sometime in early August. We want to move as soon as possible because we go on vacation to Canada August 11. But the current tennants don't want to leave 'til August 5. Then the wallpaper and floor installation. We may be just moving in and then heading to Canada a few days later. Moving is never easy.


Mama Seoul said...

Doula Momma, Amy is up there in Uijeongbu! You'll have to connect with her when/if you move there.

The movers are coming for us tomorrow and I'm still not quite convinced we are moving with all the madness.

juliaipsa said...

Here's to the beginning of a new chapter! Congrats.

MommyCha said...

Uijeongbu! Wow! I haven't been up there in years! Hope things work out well for you guys! If you need any information about private tutoring, my neighbour has been running a small private tutoring hakwon out of her home here for 3 years now. I can ask her about the license and such!

Our Little Bonbon said...

I'm glad you found a place! That must be a huge relief. Many congrats, but I'm going to miss having you right here!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Uijeongbu nearly as well as I should, but if I can help with anything up here just let me know!

Catherine said...

Congrats! I hope everything goes smoothly!

Muslimama said...

That's great you found a place! Cleaner air is a big drawcard, I think!! Your tutoring idea sounds like a good one too and I hope it's hugely successful!

Moving is sooo stressful. We are moving to Australia in about three months and so far I have packed one lonely little box. We have a lot of time, but we're going to send it by sea mail which takes ages so now is the time to get our butts in gear! I'm sure you'll be a lot more organised than me!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sarah we will be on totally opposite ends of Line 1 :(

Hope we can still meet up in Seoul.

I know its whats best for Grace so I am happy for the three of you!


snyder said...

I know it's a year after your post but im searching for a pool in uijeongbu. Your post mentions one you heard of. Did you ever find it last summer? Please email me at Thanks!

Sarah said...

There is the "Uijeongbu Sports Center" near Mangwolsa Station. If you ask people where it is near the station, they will know. I can walk there from my apt. Unfortunately, they don't allow kids under 5.