Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another torticollis update

Grace is getting stronger everyday. These days her obsession is trying to sit up. She is no longer content to sit back and relax in her infant chair, yet she cannot sit up by herself. This makes her frustrated. She loves it when I hold her hands and pull her up into an upright sitting position. Wish I could hold her like that all day, but we've got stuff to do.

So while she's sitting in her chair watching me do this and that (these days making her baby food!), she uses this handy little pillow. I just got it recently and I wish I would have thought of it before. I could have used it from when she was born. I also use it in her stroller and I'll bring it to Canada in August to use in her car seat. It's Kiddopotamus brand, available here on gmarket. Actually, even if your baby does not have torticollis, it's probably a good idea to use something like this if they spend time in an infant chair with no head support, like my Fisher Price one.

In my last torticollis update, I described the useless advice given to me by the physiotherapist. She didn't give me any concrete examples of exercises I should be doing with Grace. After some searching and posting, I was sent this site by a lady on Ravelry, in the "New Mommies" group. I love knitters. Torticollis kids is also very useful. This site is by far the most useful as it gives quite a variety of exercises.

The good news is since she's getting stronger, I'm noticing her leaning less. This makes me happy. Even so, she still does lean and I've decided to take her to a different hospital tomorrow just to make sure we're making progress.


Brenda said...

She is adorable,and super cute baby! I love her this picture!I follow your blog constantly, hope I'll meet you and Grace one day or soon. Good luck with her torticollis. Brenda

Anonymous said...

What an adorable girl! Too cute.
Thanks for the torticollis links-very helpful. My 6 month old has this and the doctor suggested stretching. Thanks!