Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pognae

I recently ordered the Pognae baby carrier -- "the best comfortable baby carrier you'll ever wear" -- from gmarket. I decided to go with the Pognae because it looks exactly like the Ergo carrier, but is about half the price. Since I haven't been working for around 6 months, I save money wherever I can, and I had a good feeling about the Pognae.

My good feeling was correct. I've only wore it out once, but it is comfortable and sturdy, and I like the design. The plain ones are cheaper, around 40,000 won, and the graphic design ones are extra. The elephant one I chose was an extra 15,000. The print material is a very soft muslin type of fabric, and the print is not garish or cheesy. There are even zebra print and military print ones!
It's definitely an Ergo knockoff, but it has a few extra features. It comes with an extra head support that is attachable by velcro. There is also a flap where the baby's back is that you can roll down to reveal a mesh material to allow for air flow. One thing I really like is that on all the loose straps there is an elastic attached, so you can roll up all those loose ends so they're not flapping around. For an extra 6000 won, I got the sucky pads, which are quite thick and nice, and reversible.

So I'm pretty happy with my Pognae. It's the first carrier I've picked out for myself...all the others were lent to me -- the Moby, the Ergo, a Korean Baby Bjorn type carrier -- which was great because I got to try many out before purchasing one.


Why am I here??? said...

Hello sexy momma!!! Looks good Sarah ;)

patricia said...

hi...i was googling the pognae and found your post.

how did you figure out how to pick the color/style on the gmarket site?? i just see strange symbols after i click the english button??

i'd love to know if there's some way to figure out how to read the page... thanks!

Sarah said...

Where are you located? I'm sure the options are only viewable in Korean, so I was able to read them. If you're in Korea I would recommend a Korean friend giving you a hand, just to be sure you get the one you want...

patricia said...

there's the rub. i'm in the states. i'll see if i can find someone to translate for me.


Sarah said...

OH, I just went to your blog (so cute by the way!!)...You're not in Korea.

Which design are you interested in? I can translate the drop down menus for you.

patricia said...

it's the "mild" one (if i remember the name correctly)...the brown/cream dot one...


Catherine said...

Awesome! It looks really cute.

My Ergo also has the elastic loops to contain extra straps. Maybe the one you borrowed was an older one.

I'm making my own suck pads from defective cloth diapers ; ) Hopefully they work well.

Sarah said...

patricia: "Mild" is fourth from the bottom!

Catherine: Oh, I'm borrowing Karen's Ergo and I didn't notice the elastics on the straps, but they're probably there! Good luck with the sucky pads!

Our Little Bonbon said...

Thanks for typing this up! We will probably order ours after our next ultrasound. We are in no rush, but I keep saying, "It's such a good deal! Let's just buy now!" I would order now, but my favorite is the piggy one, which is too girly for a boy, in my opinion. We'll see!

Mama Seoul said...

Looks great! Extra features, half the price and cute designs, you can't beat that!

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know of any place in Seoul where I could get my hands on (literally) a Pognae before I buy one? I'm afraid that I'll wind up with yet another carrier that doesn't work for me if I get it without trying it first. Thanks.


Sarah said...

Jenny: Hmmm, I don't think so...even the official pognae site doesn't list a store location. The only think you could do would be to have a Korean call their office ask if you could come down and try one out. The office is in Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu.

Anonymous said...

Okay - I have a couple more questions...
What is the weight limit on it? Do you feel like it's pretty sturdy (as in - all the straps are adequately reinforced, etc)? And random, do you think it would be comfortable on someone who is short (say, 5'3")? Thanks so much for your help!

Sarah said...

Well, I'm only 5'2" and it's fine on me.

To me, it's a sturdy carrier, but my daughter is only 5 months old. But she's a big one, 18 pounds 11oz.

Before I got the Pognae I was using a Korean carrier given to me by DH's aunt. Kind of cheap, with a thin waist strap and thin arm straps. I wore it once out for a walk and my hips hurt for two days after that.

I wore the Pognae out last Sunday to an all day bbq, took two trains and a bus and she took a nap in there at the bbq and it was pretty comfy. No sore muscles or pain.

I wish I could give you a guarantee, but I've really only worn it around three times. So far, so good though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your help, Sarah!

m said...

Sarah, I came across your blog after doing a google search on pognae. I was wondering if you still like it? I'm looking for something cute, comfy, and of good quality.


Sarah said...

Hi Morgan,
Yes, I am still liking the Pognae. Grace is over 10 kg and it's still working out great. It's good and sturdy. I think I am going to get one for my sister as a matter of fact.

Eric said...

Hello, just read your review on the Pognae. I'm thinking of getting one for my wife to use (we've got 2 1/2 year old twins and a 7 month old). How has it worn over time? We plan on using it a lot and I want to make sure it won't fall apart on us.

Thank you!

Isabel said...

i have trying to order one from the gmart site and for some reason it will not let me register to purchase anything....i need help !!

Sarah said...

Oh, no! Have you tried contacting someone at gmarket's global site? They're usually pretty helpful. If you still have no luck, I think I have an email contact of someone over there. I swear, think I should just start working for gmarket...
Let me know how it goes.

Holly Erhard said...

Sarah would this carrier be a good option for someone a little bigger than you! hehe I am 5'7" and 160 lbs. I LOVE this carrier and I live in Texas so the panel I can undo would be perfect!!


Anonymous said...

Hey I found your review after I googled pognea. I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna order it, seeing how there are so many good reviews. :) One more thing, I'm actually a new mom, also living in Seoul, and I was actually wondering if you were still living here and how you find things you need, i.e. clothing and items from the states here.

Laura said...

Do you know if they will ship these to the US? I can't translate the website for myself at all because I do not speak Korean.

xti said...

Sarah Dear, sorry to disturb you with my problem, but I can't find anything about the size of the pognae body. Coul"d you tell me how wide and long (tall?) the body is? Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said... is a site in english! I just bought mine and I love it I paid for faster shipping $12 i believe) which said it would be here by sept 13th and I got it on sept 6th!! Ive used it twice and my daughter loves it!! Ive nursed her in it acouple times and it works great I just attach the cover for privacy.. I love the mesh back option I live in hawaii and its hot! I used an ergo with my first 2kids but lent it out and never got it back. I didnt want to spend the money to buy a new ergo so I thought I'd try this and its the same! Feels the same works the same but had that mesh option that is even better!! Weight limit is newborn to 3years.. 3.5kg-20kg which in US its about 5lbs up to 45pounds!

Anonymous said...

Me again! Heres the info from the d6korea website

Product Features

Suitable from approx. 3 month to 3 years.
Size: one size fits all
The simple and ergonomic design is easy to use
The convenient cords are easily adjustable
Includes shoulder strap with good padding and high quality foam belt.
Strict quality and safety inspection.
Machine washable - cold, no bleach.
Can be worn on front, back or hip
Sleepinghood which is storable in pocket and attached by buckle onto the shoulder straps.
MESH BACK SUPPORT; The bottom part opens up to breathable mesh for baby's comfort.
Breathable 3D air mesh on the under sides of the shoulder straps and wiast belt.
Extra head support for baby's head.


Age : Newborn Baby ~ 36 months
Weight : 3.5Kg ~20Kg
Waist Size : Up to 40 inches
Material : Cotton 100%
Components : Baby Carrier & Head Rest
Safety Inspection : KC & SGS European Safety Inspection Passed

Pognae USA said...

Hi everyone! Just want people to know that the Pognae Baby Carrier is now available in the U.S. at!

We're happy to answer questions about the baby carrier, so feel free to contact us.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Gmarket used your picture to promote Pognae!! I hope they have gotten your approval.


Anonymous said...

Here's the website.

metta said...

hi! i wonder if you still have the instruction manual for the pognae carrier? thing is, i ordered it off gmarket korea and they sent the manual in english! i have no idea how to use the infant insert w.o any instructions.

hope to receive a favourable response from you. thanks doll!