Friday, January 2, 2009

0 days?

Ah, it says zero days... no big deal. I'm totally prepared for this to be over with. I have an appointment tomorrow (40 week appointment!) which may give me a clue as to when this will be over.

I decided since I can't sleep I should post these pictures of finished projects. Who knows -- I may not have time to if baby decides to come soon.

My Bella's Mittens turned out OK. They're from the movie "Twilight," which I'll probably never see, but I thought it was a cute pattern. I eliminated the long cuffs though, 'cause I thought those could get annoying under a winter coat.
Also, I crocheted up this ultra easy scarf with the Noro yarn from Dongdaemun. I did a pretty crappy blocking job because I don't like sitting on the floor anymore, but at least it's done and will be wearable as soon as it's dry. Toto likes to supervise these things.But it's hard work...

I'm hungry.


Rebecca R said...

Well as mentioned in EMCK blog,there methods you use to speed things along ;-P

Hope to see you 2day

Samuel said...

The cat is awesome