Friday, November 5, 2010

Life is strange

It is. I'm not superstitious or religious, but sometimes things happen that make me go, "huh?"

I had decided 100% that I was going to leave Korea by November or December. I had finally, after many years, made up my mind. Then, today, I'm in Seoul talking over a contract with a major international publisher for fantastic money (think about 5 times what Korean publishers have paid me). So I'll be here 'til February.

And then what? I know that I definitely want to live in Canada. But what if there is more incredible work with that or other publishers? Head home to tough it out, or stay longer and make the wons in hopes of someday getting in at a Canadian office?

One thing at a time. This project I'm taking on is quite a lot of work, and I have to do it well. I get down to work on Monday.

In contrast to my complicated life:Oh, to be a kid again!


Chris in South Korea said...

Stay in Seoul. Simple as that. FIVE TIMES the pay and you're just thinking about it? I like you and all, but it might be time to get your head checked :)

If you're crazy enough to pass this up, e-mail me the details.

Kasia said...

Oh, she's so beautiful, your precious Girl! has she just turned one? Happy Celebrations!

Sarah said...

Chris...haha, most people would say the same. But that is how badly I wanted to leave. I am going to take it one book at a time and see what happens. Certainly, if I am offered more money like this, I will have to rethink things.

Kasia .... Actually, she's 22 months. That was my piece of birthday cake she was helping me eat. :)

Kasia said...

Ow, my girl is 22 months old too :) We are very lucky to have these little pumpkins in our lives, aren't we?

Amanda said...

I don't know. If it's five times the amount and you still want to go...maybe life isn't all about money to you. Maybe it's really just plain time to go.

I think too often people make life all about the money. Everyone needs a certain amount of money--and saving up the cash you make through February might help sliding into life in Canada go easier--but at a point, you have to ask yourself how much money is ENOUGH.

I was offered a lot more money if I was willing to take on a different role at work. I said no. I sure don't get paid enough for what I do, but I also didn't want to lose my TIME for the money. I know some of my coworkers thought I was crazy, but the decision was right for me.

Anyhow--congrats on landing the great job. If you do stay through February, that's not that much longer. :)