Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back online

And that's not necessarily a good thing.

In a previous post I talked about possibly buying a laptop to help me work on my current ESL writing project. While my computer was in the shop, I reflected on my own habits, and decided that buying one would not help me at all. In fact, it would be counterproductive. When I'm in front of a computer, I can't seem to resist checking my email, Facebook, Ravelry, etc. It eats up time, and I don't have much time to spare.

It was amazing, not having a computer around to lure me in. I knitted a pair of mitts and worked at sewing up my cardigan. I did my work on paper at the cafe. I did more laundry than usual.Yesterday, the comptuer came back, and I literally spent an entire day reorganizing (repairman installed Windows 7), reinstalling programs, uploading photos, and wasting time online. If I were to take a laptop out to do work, there's no doubt in my mind I would waste time there, too -- not to mention waste money on a 5000 won coffee.

Geez, I feel so weak just reading this. I wonder if other people are a slave to the internet, like I am.

Well, I'm going to grab my notebook and pencil case and leave the house while I still have a few hours to work until I pick up little Grace.


Kasia said...

My computer, too, broke few days ago but having three other laptops at home I didn't feel a difference. I'm only sorry for the photos I lost. I am a slave of the Internet but recently started controlling myself a bit more. I give myself some time during day to check my favourite sites (Rav, blogs, mails etc.) but much less than I used to. I noticed that if I don't turn my laptop first thing in the morning, I read more books and play more with Gaia which feels great :)

Have a sunny day (it's cold and grey here...)

CedarBough said...

like i said, that's why i don't turn on the wireless when i go out... i pretend wireless doesn't exist.

Sarah said...

Kasia...Oh dear, you lost photos? That was my fear, but I didn't lose anything. Good for you for cutting back on Internet time. It sounds so silly to say "I'm addicted to the Internet" but it happens! Here I am!

CedarBough... you're stronger than me. I might way to myself, "I will not turn on the wireless" but then I will.."just for a second" to check my email and then time slips away. Best to stick to paper for now.

Kasia said...

Yes, this is my biggest fear- losing photos. It already has happened in the past: few years ago my laptop broke down and I lost ALL my photos (few thousands). Now I back them up on external hard drives every now and then so this time I've "only" lost around 300 of them, maybe more... But some of them are still on my SD cards, so I'm not that sad. But I try not to think if there were any photos of my little one that are gone forever. It would upset me... No matter how often you back up your photos, i is never enough :(


P.S. said...

lol... maybe that´s the reason why I don´t have available the wireless... I just tell myself that "I don´t have batteries in my phone. It might run out off it"

I just wish I could do that at work... and home... mostly at home, so I could focus on my unfinished projects... but time just seems to fly away soo quickly...