Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still don't know

First official appointment at Soonchunhyang University Hospital today. I was hoping to have an ultrasound to possibly find out the sex of the baby, but I didn't get one. On one hand I was kind of impressed that Dr. Choi doesn't demand one at every appointment like they do at Cheil Hospital (I think that was a money grab), but I was really hoping to find out today. I will get one at my next appointment on October 29, so now I'm at conflict with myself about whether I should go to a small private clinic and pay for an ultrasound just to find out. Can I wait another four weeks? I don't know...

So today I had the gestational diabetes test, which was not a big deal, and also my Rhogam shot since I have RH negative blood type. It's hard to believe that at my next appointment I will be nearly 31 weeks. Time certainly has slipped by quickly, and October will go by even quicker since I have lots of work and my mom is coming to visit.

After the appointment, Sejin and I went to Itaewon for pie. There's a great place run by an American man called "Tartine." He makes different types of pies, like pecan, cherry rhubarb, blueberry, etc. Actually, they're more like tarts, but they're done proper. It's also pricey at 6,000 won per pie, but it's a great treat since it's nearly impossible to find pastries like that in Korea. To find Tartine, start at the Hamilton Hotel, pass KFC and take your second right. It's tucked away in that little alley behind the Korean souvenir shop. Or, just remember it's in the little alley right across the street from Outback restaurant.

Picked up some bread, bagels, and deli meat before heading home. Itaewon is definitely not my favourite place in Seoul, but it does have some stuff you can't get anywhere else.

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Mama Seoul said...

Is there anything you want your mom to bring when she comes that would change depending on the gender? If not, 4 more weeks isn't bad. I have to wait two more weeks!