Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't knit late at night

This is what happens when you knit when you're tired, late at night. This pattern is so cute, and well-written, but I screwed it up. Usually if you make little mistakes, like lose a stitch somewhere or forget to make a one-stitch increase, you're not going to notice it in the final product. But when you skip an instruction that says "knit another 16 rows," you're in trouble. I just couldn't figure out why the arms were so skinny. Then a few days later I read the pattern over again carefully and saw the huge chunk of knitting I had missed. Ouch.

So, instead of ripping it all out (which would have been hard because I had done cast offs and decreases, etc), I decided to practice that dreaded skill of picking up stitches. I picked up stitches all along under the arms, front and back. You can see where I did. It looks terrible. And talk about frustration. I just finished this because I wanted to use up old yarn and teach myself a lesson about following directions. I just may knit this pattern again, because it is really cute.
I think it looks good on my bear... maybe bear can keep it. She's been naked for 6 years, so I guess she deserves some clothing.
On Tuesday we saw Amira, Jin and Noah for the last time before they return to Australia. We had a nice lunch in Shinchon and then some treats and shopping afterwards. Too bad they live so far away. That's definitely one of the disadvantages to living in Korea. Friends are always coming and going.

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Mama Seoul said...

The sweater still looks cute on the bear!