Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good times ahead

Currently trying hard to procrastinate, so thought, 'why not post on the blog?'.

The first half of this month has gone by super fast. Feels like it was October 1st yesterday and I was thinking, I have lots of time to get done book one, fix up the place, and have time to spare until mom gets here. Well, she arrives tomorrow.

I'm not too worried about having to do too much work while she's here. I'll have to take a few hours here and there to do some work, perhaps when she's taking it easy, or if she's napping due to jet lag. Luckily, the new series for preschoolers I'm working on isn't too hard on the brain, and can even be enjoyable at times. I've also canceled most of my classes for the time that she's here.
I haven't planned too much for me and mom to do. I'd like it to be a laid back visit. If we feel like doing some shopping or seeing a movie, we can do that. Or, if we feel like staying in and knitting, we can do that too. It will be quite different from her 8-day whirlwind visit to Korea 3 1/2 years ago for the wedding!

At Gyeongbokgung, the day after our wedding:

At the Icheon ceramics festival:

So, before she gets here tomorrow, I have to finish writing book one (just the student book), clean up the place, and get a few groceries. Food is going to be interesting. I don't cook much and I don't think she likes Korean food. Also, most western food in Korea is expensive and unhealthy. I guess we're going to have to be creative.

During my July 2006 trip home. We visited the Canadian Rockies.

Near my parents' summer trailer on Lake Nippissing:


Becky said...

How long is she here for? Home Plus carries a lot of Western food and it seems to increase each week. I was so glad when they got Prego spaghetti sauce. Now I'm still on the hunt for Miracle Whip.

Have a great time with your Mom!

Mama Seoul said...

Wow! That first picture of Canada doesn't even look real. Very beautiful. Have a great time!

Sarah said...

Becky: She'll be here for three weeks!
I've got my eyes peeled for Miracle Whip, too. One of these days...

Mama Seoul: Yeah, that was my favourite place we visited: Lake Moraine. I didn't even mess with the colors on that photo!