Saturday, December 1, 2007


Well, it was a long week during which I didn't get much sleep. As a result, I woke up this morning with not much of a voice left. Although I started feeling bad yesterday, I still made it out to Dongdaemun last night...I don't think it would matter how sick I was -- Dongdaemun has a way of making me feel all better. Gorgeous jackets for $50-$100...that's therapy in itself. I was really good last night. I only bought one jacket for $50 although there were many other tempting items.
One of my favourite malls in Dongdaemun, Doota:

I was supposed to visit my friend Ed today at lunch and meet his little baby, Hannah, but I didn't think showing up sick would be very welcome. So, it's postponed yet again.

Not much else is new except I found a great pattern for a crocheted hat called Amelia. I whipped up Amelia Wednesday night and it's so cute. I plan to make more of these for myself and as gifts.

Back to the couch!

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Marie Lynn said...

You need to come to Stitch n Bitch and teach me to crochet.
I've tried to teach myself but I'm having some sort of mental block.