Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sleeping in, another FO, and another WIP

It's a holiday! It's great to have a day off with nothing planned. I slept in this morning and Toto was pretty happy about that.

Since I could sleep in this morning, I stayed up late to finish this my green cotton bag:

I'm not entirely please with how it turned out. Although my knitting skills are OK, my finishing skills are lacking. I'm going to look for a book on finishing methods when I visit home in September. It doesn't matter how beautiful you can knit, it can look like total crap if you don't know how to sew it up correctly. This is also why I'm hesitant to knit a nice sweater yet. Anyway, this is just a casual summer bag, so no biggy. Live and learn.
Here's the contrasting lining:

I also started crocheting yet another bag (gotta get rid of this gigantic spool of cotton somehow). I like the look of it. It's a pattern called "Quahog Beach Bag." I'm liking it so far, although it won't be a very big beach bag and I'm worried about the "floppiness" of it when I finally sew it up.
Here's the progress so far:

Well, time to make dinner and relax!

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Atavistic said...

Hey, that book...um....Wiseman's KNITTERS BOOK OF FINISHING TECHNIQUES is quite good. I bet you could order it at WhatTheBook.