Monday, July 9, 2007

New WIPs

Well, I went to my favorite place in Seoul on Saturday -- Dongdaemun Shopping Complex. It's a huge textiles complex where I get all my yarn and supplies. I've been trying not to go there so as not to add to my ultra huge and growing stash, but I had the perfect excuse -- my friend wanted me to show her where to get knitting supplies. I gladly accompanied her, telling myself over and over that I didn't need any more knitting stuff.
Of course, that didn't work. I bought a big spool of cotton, several crochet hooks, some zippers, two stitch holders, fabric to line some bags, some bag handles, and some other things I can't even remember now. It didn't add up to much.

To get over the guilt of buying more yarn, I decided I must start a project with the new stuff right away, not even letting it mingle with my stash. So, I started a cabled bag and I even crocheted a small clutch that I just have to line and add a button to.

Here is the progress. I hope to get more done tonight.

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