Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's with Thursdays??

I think all Thursday's suck. Work-wise, today wasn't so bad. I had to proofread some design copies of the books before they're printed. Proofreading is boring but easy. And I got to go home early. And I had Papa John's pizza for lunch, the most delicious pizza ever. Went to Skin Food after work and got a few products to detract from the suck factor. I'm going to watch a movie now to get my mind off of everything. "Happy Feet" might be a good choice. This weekend is going to be another busy one. Meeting a lady from World Vision Korea for lunch on Saturday and Meg's housewarming party is at night. I'll have to run a few errands in between.

The biggest thing happening this weekend is Sejin's interview with Samsung Life Insurance. I'm praying he gets the job and I think he will. It's only one of two interviews though. He'll have the second when we return from our vacation. Speaking of vacation, I still haven't planned anything, we don't have plane tickets and my passport is expired. And we're leaving in about three weeks. Yep.

Oh yes, I taught my first business class last night and it went really well. The ladies are really nice and the hour and a half flew by! I couldn't believe how easy and enjoyable it was! The wheels are turning...

So, it's a movie and knitting for me right now. I'll attach a cute picture, as usual. It's a cute cell phone charm:

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