Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mon Chi Chi and Chick Corea

It's been quite a weekend! Started Friday night when I met Meg in Itaewon for a pita and then we stopped by Myeong-dong. One of my favourite places in Myeong-dong is "Kosney." It's a sort of hip interior design store with really unique things. There's a huge stationery section in the basement. Anyway, I went in with intentions to keep my money in my wallet, but I saw something -- Mon Chi Chi. I had a Mon ChiChi doll when I was young and a jigsaw puzzle I remember doing many times...So when I saw this pitiful little doll with bunny ears, I had no choice.

So, then it was off the Dongdaemun for night shopping. Meg and I met up with Shelley and we did our thing. I actually didn't buy too much. I think the highlight of the night was Burger King at 1:00 a.m.

Saturday was spent recovering from Friday night (Meg and I were up looking for Mon Chi Chi memorabilia on her computer until 3:00 a.m.).
Sejin and I have had tickets for the Chick Corea/Gary Burton concert for about a month. Finally, Saturday night, I got to listen to some real music. The concert was awesome. I have to say, I was most impressed with Gary Burton. That guy is a machine on the vibraphone! They played a lot of stuff from very old albums. I don't think Sejin was wowed. He's more a classical guy. But I enjoyed it.

So, it was a great weekend!

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