Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank you, Uniqlo

If you don't know, Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand with several stores across Korea. There just happens to be one in Uijeongbu of all places. I went there today on a mission, in search of some new clothing for myself. I've been wearing the same two pairs of jeans forever because they are the only ones that fit me. I thought Uniqlo must have something.

Well, I was wrong. 99% of the pants did not fit me, and the pairs that did fit sure did not accentuate what should have been accentuated. In the fitting room, I saw myself for the first time up close in a full length mirror in about three years.

So, thank you, Uniqlo... You have truly motivated me to get off my butt and finally lose 20 pounds.

Grace thanks Uniqlo, too, because she got some awfully cute dresses, leggings, and a skirt. We all came away with something today.


Kasia said...

It's funny how we go shopping for ourselves but end up buying lots for our daughters and nothing for us...
I used to get most of my basics from Uniqlo in the past but I haven't bought from them for a long now. I find their sizes a bit to large for me.

Fauna said...

hahaha! I was just at Uniglo and the mirrors there made me look absolutely horrible! What's up with that?

I'm a bit surprised the pants didn't fit though, for me it's the only place I can find pants.

Sarah said...

Fauna, I'm glad you found the mirrors unflattering too. Maybe they have wonky mirrors....but anyway, they shocked me into reality.
....Some of the pants "fit," but they were EXTREMELY unflattering. So much so that I became disgusted and went directly to the kids section. I should have bought myself a couple of shirts, but I was THAT disturbed!

CedarBough said...

They have some weird fits at UNIQLO. I get a lot of clothes there (okay, I get 90% of the clothes I buy here at UNIQLO) but the fit can be really odd. Their tight-fitting jeans make me look like a stuffed sausage. Their waist sizes also seem really bizarre. Like not corresponding with reality.

Sarah said...

CedarBough, ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one that looked like a sausage....but I fear I may actually resemble a sausage a little more than you! Anyway, I was being really serious by thanking Uniqlo....I've gotta lose this weight!