Friday, April 22, 2011

I just spent all afternoon cooking healthy foods to get me through the weekend. Something snapped in me yesterday and I realized how unhealthy I am getting. I excercised and I'm incredibly sore today. But the pain will pass and I'm pretty confident that I am finally in the right state of mind to work towards bcoming healthier through exercise and healthier eating. Hopefully I can shed a few pounds before heading home.

Speaking of heading home, we are finally done translating documents. All that is left to do is for SJ to get his medical exam, I will edit all the applications and documents once more, I need some photos (proof of our relationship) developed, and then we can stick it in the mail along with a money order of $1000. That will hurt. But it will still be a good day. At that point I will also start looking at plane tickets. It's very exciting, although I think it will turn scary once we land in Canada and think... now what?

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CedarBough said...

yay! wish we could exercise together, but if it will help, feel free to let me know what you do for exercise everyday. If I get a text I'll know you're on track! And cheer you on! It's hard for me to exercise alone, too. Def. understand so many things to overcome to get out and do it, but really happy to hear you feeling like your mind is made up.