Monday, March 28, 2011

Puzzling behaviour

My daughter is addicted to puzzles. I have about 10 little puzzles that I got out recently and she has been doing them nonstop. For the first couple of days, she demanded that I sit with her, while she handed me pieces one by one and watched me do the puzzle. Yesterday, she began doing doing them herself and can now do most of them with little to no assistance. I'm constantly amazed at how fast she learns. And she's addicted. She does them over and over and over. I was determined not to buy her anything else until we leave Korea, but she seems so thirsty for intellectual stimulation. I may have to get her some more puzzles and books and ship her old favourites. Sorry for the cheesy image, but I couldn't resist!


Lolimahro said...

Dex also loves puzzles! How big are the puzzles you get her? Most of ours are 6 or 9-piece puzzles; Dex still "needs" a lot of assistance with them (but I think he just wants the attention). Also, where do you buy them? I found a few at a random bookstore but haven't seen puzzles for kids (especially the wooden peg ones) many places. Most of Dex's are missing pieces already, so I'll be looking to buy some new ones soon. ^_^

Sarah said...

Cool! They are the small square ones I think you are referring to. Here too, Grace makes me sit with her to "help" her, even on puzzles I've seen her do by herself!

I bought her a set of three Pingu puzzles at Homeplus in the book section and I will be going back to get more! By luck, I found a group of six puzzles in the Beautiful Store (Korean goodwill). Gmarket has a puzzle section I think...haven't looked yet, but will have to soon since she seems to be hooked.