Monday, March 28, 2011

On our way, sort of

Still doing immigration paperwork stuff. Filling in applications is mostly done. But now comes the really crappy part...the document gathering phase. There is a long list of documents we have to gather, and some must be translated. This will suck.

But at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Before the task seemed so huge and daunting. Now I see that we will be finished all this sooner than later, and then I can actually look at plane tickets and escape here before the summer heat arrives.


CedarBough said...

everything i had to translate for Karjam's I translated myself then had a less than totally ethical place charge me for the what do you call that? Notarize the translations. Pretty cheap that way.

Sarah said...

To my surprise, the embassy allows us to do the translating with no notarizing required. Totally shocking since Canada is so anal about these sorts of things. Score!

Amanda said...

The applier can translate their own document in America. Good Man translated his own documents and it wasn't a problem at all. This was true in August 2009 at least.

So I asked a question a long time ago but never saw an answer so I'm going to ask it again--do you get any benefit since you've already been married for several years? (In America, if you've been married more than two, you automatically get the ten year green card, for example.) I'm just curious.

Sarah said...

Oh, sorry! I must have missed it. It's not written anywhere that we benefit from having been married over X amount of years (almost 6 here). I'm assuming the only way we will benefit is by getting some fast processing time, seeing as we have photos of our wedding with 700 guests, the birth of our child with us both present, etc, etc, :)