Thursday, June 24, 2010

Done...for now

Well, almost done. I finished unit 10 of 10 of the teacher's guide I was working on. I still have some revisions of previous units to do, as well as some tests to write, but the bulk of the writing is done. I've already been offered another project. I'm very happy to hear I've gained a good reputation as a writer with a few publishing companies (despite having gone way past deadline on this one). Over the last couple of days I've been debating whether to take this latest offer, and I finally just decided that I'm going to pass it up. In my mind, I have several contacts at each company and I have a good reputation with them. When I think I'm ready to start doing this work again, I'm sure I can make some calls and get in on another project. This project isn't the last one of its kind ever, which is often what I convince myself whenever I'm offered something. Time to say "no" for a change and get some very important things sorted out.


Anonymous said...

Graet Job, Sarah! Proud of you.
-Grace's Appa

Sharon and Marco said...

Any tips on getting started with publishing companies?

Sarah said...

They typically only want to work with F2 visas (married to Koreans) because they have to do a lot less paperwork then. They're highly unorganized and leave everything til the last minute, so processing a visa for someone would probably be something they would aviod doing. But you could try contacting them anyway. I once had a one year contract with a small publisher which got visas for other employees.