Monday, February 22, 2010

New Stroller!

We decided to invest in a good stroller since spring is fast approaching and we will want to take Grace out for lots of walks. Our previous stroller was a "tester." When Grace was really little, I wasn't sure how much use I'd actually get out of a stroller, so did not want to go all out on a really nice one. I wanted to see if it was worth it first. So I bought a cheapie umbrella stroller for around 50,000 won. We used it a lot more than I thought we would. It was nice to not carry Grace sometimes. We took her to the local Homeplus a couple times a week in it, and I often threw her in there and walked with her to the Dunkin Donuts for an afternoon coffee. We also gate checked it on our trip to Canada, and it was great to have in the airport. It served us well.

So now that we knew a good stroller would be very useful, especially with spring coming, I decided to look for a nicer model. Grace is pretty heavy now, and you can really feel her weight in the old stroller. One of the handles is also loose, probably from the flight back to Korea. So we needed something smooth and comfy. I did a lot of thinking and a lot of looking. We have a beautiful little walking path by a river right outside our door, so I wanted something to make walks enjoyable. So I ruled out an umbrella stroller, although we may be in the market for a nicer one down the road. I looked at a Korean brand, called Cappella, and they did look quite nice, but it being a Korean brand, I just could not find enough reviews to satisfy me. In the end, I settled on the Kolcraft Contours 4-wheel model, and bought it on gmarket. Actually, it seems the vendor I used sold out of the 4-wheel model and I cannot find anymore vendors selling it -- only the 3-wheel, which also gets good reviews. Perhaps it is not available anymore.
It was a good decision, which I based on the many, many positive reviews I read on Amazon. Also, I had used a Kolcraft Jeep stroller at my parents' in Canada, so I knew it would be a solid stroller. It is rugged, but easy to push and steer. It's so much smoother than the stroller we had. My favourite feature (and Grace's favourite, too), is that the seat can face both facing out and towards you. This is great because Grace often gets a little fussy when she can't see me for very long, especially somewhere like the supermarket. It also comes with a car seat attachment and apparently it fits most car seats on the market.

We're really happy with our choice, and so is Grace. She squealed with excitement the first time we put her in it. We've already taken it out on several walks, even in the snow. She loves facing us. She even falls asleep in it sometimes!

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Nani said...

I love the stroller. that is one of the reasons we chose ours as well. I love that it can face towards or away from us. I checked out that brand Capella on gmarket and it looks nice as well but I am with you on I want more reviews