Friday, February 26, 2010

I still love Dongdaemun

I had a great day of freedom today (well, at least a half-day). I met we'vegotseoul in Dongdaemun because she needed to get some pillow stuffing. I managed to find some for her in Shopping Town (Dongdaemun Station exit 8 or 9) using my very limited Korean skills (basement, D-dong). I also managed to find some yarn, which I swore I wouldn't buy today. I think we were in the building all of five minutes when I happened to find a specific brand I had been looking for. It wasn't too expensive, though, and it added to the awesomeness of my day. I also bought some trinkety craft stuff on the top floor. I am going to try to make a few items, use them to see how they hold up, and possibly get an etsy shop going. But I'm not too sure on that yet. First I want to see how cute the stuff turns out. Perhaps I will post pictures here to get some opinions or suggestions.

After we did Dongdaemun, we walked to Himalaya Restaurant, which is right outside of Dongmyo Station exit 8. It's a nice place to chill out after some crazy wholesale shopping. We had a lovely chat about everything from our dear Korean husbands to our long-term plans. It's been a long time since I had a leisurely afternoon with a friend, so I really enjoyed it. WGS is so wise, too. She had some good suggestions and got me thinking about a few things I never considered before. Plus, we happened to catch Kim Yunah win the gold. All that combined with the amazing weather made for a fantastic day.

--> I just remembered --> And I found a vendor selling maedeup cord, so I bought four yards (two of each colour) to practice with. If it goes well, I will be going back for more, or ordering it online. I'm psyched!


Anonymous said...

wise?? ha!

Mama Seoul said...

Looks great on her!

Anonymous said...

I assume that Mama Seoul's comment was meant for the picture of Grace with the knitted hat but a small part of me will take it for myself! ha