Thursday, December 3, 2009


I thought that the above photo could be best described by "Tah-dah!" Grace is one funny duck. She is happy most of the time, especially while she's eating. Actually, she hardly ever stops eating, so she's usually pretty happy. This is a huge relief to me. When she was a little baby, I couldn't understand why she wanted to nurse around the clock. I thought something was wrong with ME -- like I wasn't meeting her needs or something. Now, looking back, I know exactly what was going on: this kid just likes to eat!! Whew! Case closed!

Now the only problem I have is figuring out what to feed her. She's been eating a lot of baby purees and cereal of course, but she seems to be on the verge of being ready to eat "real" food. She's quite good at chewing up toast, crackers, small pieces of fruits and vegetables...and a lot of them! So, before I go home, I'm going to have to make up a meal plan of healthy available foods so I'm never at a loss of what to feed her.

And those baby snacks -- they're expensive! Grace likes all those baby cookies, yogurt melts, rice crackers, etc, but those are not cheap. I'm also going to have to look into some healthy snack alternatives or she's going to make me go broke!


Sejin is still in the hospital dealing with his crushed foot. Poor guy has a sore butt from lying in bed all the time. He has been on the phone trying to find a lawyer who wants to take his case. Unfortunately, the law in Korea works much differently that it does here. Surprisingly, most lawyers are not interested in taking his case, probably because such cases are a dime a dozen. Also, he has found out through his research that the bus company (as I had suspected) cannot be trusted, as they are known to bribe the police department into changing official police reports. The bus company went to see Sejin yesterday in the hospital, simply asked how he was doing, and left within a minute. Very strange. I try to stay optimistic, but this does not look very good for us right now. We will probably end up having to accept a pitiful settlement and then I will be forced back to work in order to keep us afloat. We may end up moving to Canada sooner than I had thought. We may have to get the money from our apartment, pay off our debts and start all over in the Great White North. I just know I don't want to stay in a country where my family has been so greatly wronged.


A Christmas angel for the tree. I like how she turned out:


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried making homemade biter biscuits? They are really easy and much cheaper than the ones you buy at the store. Just do a google search for lots of recipes.


Becky said...

Grace is getting so big. What a sweetheart. I hope Sejin is feeling better. I would be going stir crazy although I miss watching Infinity Challenge since we moved. The angel is darling.

Sarah said...

Jenny -- No, I will have to look up some recipes...Hopefully I can get the ingredients in S.Korea.

Becky -- Haha...I'm sure Sejin is watching that show as I type this right now. It's his favourite!

선영 said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Sejin is having a rough time. I'd hate to think that you would be leaving Korea so soon because of it. So different from back home where the lawyers would be lining up to represent you against the bus company!
Grace is getting so big, she is just lovely! I really look forward to seeing her again one day soon. Hope the flight back goes smoothly for you. Do you need a pick up from the airport? We e-mailed Sejin but he didn't answer.

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for your offer! I have a friend already meeting me at the airport. Thanks again for your kind words..... :)

Mama Seoul said...

Very pretty ornament. Let Grace feed herself soft cooked vegetables. Just put them on her tray. It is good for her fine motor skills and will take her longer to eat than purees that you spoon feed her. It is messy, but good for her. I have a baby meal planning book you can borrow if you are interested.