Monday, November 2, 2009


We had an uneventful Halloween this year with fewer kids than usual. There were high wind warnings yesterday, so the weather wasn't that great. H1N1 in the news and people being sick probably accounted for more kids staying in. That means there's more candy left over for us though. Grace was into the candy, too, but in the end, decided that the Smarties worked better as rattles.A week until we depart for Korea if all goes smoothly. I'm waiting on the WHO to decide whether infants actually do need the second H1N1 booster. She had a half dose last Thursday. If she does need the second, we may have to extend our trip by 3 to 4 weeks. Although I'd like to stay longer, Grace is getting stronger and more mobile by the day, so I'd kind of like to get this trip over with!


MommyCha said...

We're missing you guys here, but I imagine Sejin must be missing you even more! ^.~
Hope you get everything figured out with the flu shots, it would be so hard to have to stay longer and then come home just before Christmas! At this rate we may never see you back in Korea!
HUGS! Grace is the cutest pumpkin around, hope you get home safely!

San said...

So many changes in Grace in such a short time!!!! She is a cutie pie!! Seems like she enjoyed Halloween!!
Though I have never celebrated Halloween, it always sounded like fun to me from the time wen I was a kid...! Have seen only in movies :-)
Happy Halloween!!

Mama Seoul said...

Safe travels. When you start to feel sorry for yourself about traveling back with Grace on your on your own, you can think of me. Looks like I may have to travel back from Christmas on my own with 2!

Catherine said...

Very cute pics!

You can do it! I made the trip in reverse with both boys.