Friday, January 11, 2008

It snowed

Woke up to snow on the ground this morning. It gets pretty cold in Seoul, but we still don't get a lot of snow. It's kind of a treat when we do. Apparently, in Gangwon-do, where Sejin did his military service, they get quite a lot of snow. Perhaps a weekend trip might be nice in February. Anyway, here in Seoul, it never stays on the ground for long, so I thought I'd snap a few pictures. What's new? Well, Wednesday night I shot a commercial for a Korean product called Koko's Pet Dryroom. It's a room that uses infrared lights and fans to dry your pet after you give it a bath. It's kind of like a microwave, but apparently it's not harmful. So, I went to the pet shop which uses this invention and the shoot only took three hours. The director was in a big hurry, which was odd. If this commercial actually airs, it will be total cheese. But I have a feeling it's just a sample, and then a new one will be shot with real actors. I don't mind, I got a nice wad of cash for playing with the pets for three hours. Sejin came with me, and he really enjoyed himself. The crew put him to work translating, of course. I felt kind of bad, but he said he had fun.
Here's the pet shop where it was shot:

Crafts. Um, not too active on that front. Haven't really had time. I took the Baby Blue Blankey out of hibernation, so I guess that's a small step forward. I finished the first panel and started the second. It would be nice to finish that some time in this decade. I also started Pink Blush Doilie. I'm making sure not to start off crocheting so tight because I'm wearing out my hands on these doilies. I'm even getting callouses.

I'm feeling the urge to start making toys again, and since crochet is so fast and easy, I'm going to try my hand at amigurumi. Last time I was at the Kyobo bookstore, I picked up one Japanese book and two Korean books, since the patterns are so cute, and crochet charts are international. I haven't tried anything in them yet, but I've looked at them at least 100 times because of the cuteness inside. I'm really looking forward to trying something, most likely when I'm finished the books I'm working on -- that I should be working on right now -- OOPS!
Here are some of my favourite pages from the books:

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Shelley said...

Those little toys are soooo cute!

Here in Yesan it's been cold the last 3 or 4 days. We haven't had any snow since the beginning of the month, and we didn't get too much and it also didn't last too long. I really can't wait til it warms up again...though I'm not looking forward to the hot humid summer...