Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yet another WIP

I have no right to start a new project, but I've been itching to use the beautiful bamboo yarn I bought in Turkey. So I finally settled, surprisingly, on the bunny hop camisole. I don't know why I chose this pattern because it doesn't seem popular at all, but something about it struck me. Hey, if it doesn't work out, I just rip it out and try another pattern. Here's the progress after only four days of knitting. Maybe I'll even have this one done in time to wear it in the fall!

Time to relax with a cold drink and look at all my purchases from today. I was all over Seoul today with Whitney. Namdaemun was great because I haven't been there in so long. I got a beautiful silk covered jewelry box for $25! And a hand-crocheted table cloth for $20! It's days like this that I love living in this big crazy city!

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