Thursday, August 16, 2007

European Cafes only serve Maxim instant coffee

I agreed to do a commercial for Maxim Coffee on Monday, mostly 'cause the price was right. I'll have to make up the day I took off by working Saturday, and that'll hurt, but hey, Sejin and I can use the extra money, especially since we plan on moving in February.
The night before, I was told in an email what kind of wardrobe to bring to the shoot: European autumn cafe chic. Also included in the email was a picture of Jennifer Aniston in a gorgeous blouse and expensive leather bag. So I hauled half my wardrobe to Sinsa Station, hoping something in my bag qualified as European autumn cafe chic. It turned out to be for nothing. Oh well.

The shoot went a lot like all the other TV things I've done -- arrive early in the morning, wait around for a long time, get ushered into a room where your hair and makeup is done, get changed, wait around for a lot longer, shoot 10,000 takes of the same scene 'til your mouth hurts from smiling. The only thing different this time was that they spraypainted my hair bright red. When I asked them why they wanted to change the colour of my hair, they said that they wanted to make it clear who the Koreans and who the foreigners were. Ooookay. I didn't really care until I had to wash my hair about five times that night before all the red stuff rinsed out.

Anyway, the shoot was relatively uneventful. I got to sit and chat over an empty cup of coffee with my friend Amy. I got to meet and have my picture taken with Korean acting legend Ahn Sunggi. All in all, it was a good day and more importantly, it was very easy money!

A few photos...The set, which is an exact copy of a Van Gogh painting

Ahn Sunggi and IAmy and IMichael and IHopefully I'll have a few more of these gigs coming my way in the next couple of months!


Aaron said...

Take away the red hair and you'd be a dead ringer for a Korean.

Jenna said...

I ran to check this out on Youtube - and couldn't even see you. :( Maybe the video was too blurry and I just couldn't see you. I hope you had fun. It must be exciting to act a little.

Brian said...

Heh. I came here looking for something else; what a nice surprise. I'd been to your page via my sitemeter before.

Have you done any other commercials?

Sarah said...

Just a few I think. Another Maxim one... And there was one for a product called "Koko's Pet Dryroom"....a kind of automatic hair drier for pet groomers that looks a lot like a microwave. There's always an interesting story to tell after a shoot!