Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sometimes I brag about my Internet searching skills. I can pretty much find anything, in English or Korean. But I think this time I went too far. I scoured the Internet for days in search of a glider rocker. Finally found a site that sells them, only to find out that they are sold out and have no plans to get any more in.

So I scour for another few days and find another site. It's not sold out. Free delivery...awesome. I promptly have Sejin order the chair and pat myself on the back.

That was last week and no sign of the chair yet. Sejin called the "customer service" number on the site and it seems it's out of service. No emails are returned.

I think we were robbed of our 140,000 won ($140).

Here is the site:

At least it was only $140...but it still sucks to be a victim of such fraud.

I'm through looking for rocking chairs. I've got a comfy sofa and my nice new nursing pillow. That's enough.


Mama Seoul said...

Yikes! That is terrible. Is there someplace you can report them? In the US they have a Better Business Bureau.

Sarah said...

Yes, it's been reported to the Korean Consumers Association. Pretty rotten. I'm just glad it wasn't a bigger item we ordered!