Sunday, July 20, 2008

16 weeks and feeling good

I can't believe my baby's been cooking for 16 weeks. Time is really flying now. I have my 16 week ultrasound on Wednesday, which I'm very excited for. I love hearing how much it's grown since the last visit.

I've been feeling very good lately. Yesterday it rained all day, so Sejin and I did all our spring cleaning we'd been putting off for months. One of the best feelings is relaxing after you've cleaned the house from top to bottom. Now if only Toto would stop shedding...

Looks like I'll be continuing work with Darakwon. I met with an employee last week to discuss another series they need written. Turns out they tried another writer a few months back, thinking that I had enough on my plate already (which was true), and it didn't work out, so they called me. It's a relief to hear they like what I've written, because I'm such a perfectionist and was wondering what they really thought. So the first Happy House book is in bookstores, with the other soon to follow: Book 1. My name is spelled wrong on that site, but it's actually spelled correctly on the book, thank goodness.

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