Monday, October 15, 2007

It never ends

Just when things seem to be going really smoothly... Sometimes people can be so shallow.

Our lease is finished in February. For a year and a half, Sejin and I have been saving and planning to move in FEBRUARY. Our landlady has been harassing us with phone calls -- she wants us to move out.


In Korea, it's standard practice for an apartment owner to pay for their tenants moving fees (ie truck) if they want them to move out early. This I know firsthand because I have several friends who OWN apartments and have asked their tenants to move out. They paid their tenants' moving fees (or at least offered to) and the tenants either moved out, or decided to stay until the end of the contract. My own boss who sits next to me at work told me this because she once did it herself, being an apartment owner.

Apparently, my landlady feels that this standard practice does not apply to her. She's cheap. And she has allowed her 87-year-old mother in law to live in a storage facility on our roof. Oh yeah, she's also a devoted Christian. And most importantly, she's very wealthy.

I'm confused. If she wants us out so bad, bad enough to keep calling us and asking when the hell we're getting out, why doesn't she just cough up the cash? It's accepted practice here and she definitely has the money. It's all very strange.

She also insulted us tonight. Sejin told her that we are looking for another place (which we are), and she said, "You want a place you can't have." In other words, "You don't have much money, so just settle for a crap place and get out of my building." I'm mostly upset by this comment. It really shows how shallow and cold she is.

This is also all very bothersome because Sejin and I have been great tenants. We're not noisy or destructive. We're very clean -- the cockroaches that were here when we first moved in are long gone. We did not complain at all when we moved into a very dirty place. We also didn't complain about the kitchen cupboard doors that were falling off, or the medicine cabinet that is falling down, or the yellowing wallpaper, or the gross woodwork.

Anyway, it's very upsetting that people who I once thought were decent people are actually pretty low. I just want to be done with them.

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